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How Our Strategy Meetings Work

At the Law Offices of Kalish & Jaggars, your first encounter with us isn’t just an introductory handshake – it’s a free “Strategy Meeting” that goes beyond what other law firms will give you at this stage.

We offer this session free of charge with no obligations, giving you valuable time with one of our attorneys and a free preview of our attorney’s strategy for moving forward with your case.

How does this differ from other attorney's "Free Consultations" that just end up being sales pitches?

While other attorneys will offer a fleeting, surface-level “consultation”, we believe you deserve more.

Usually these so called free “consultations” consist of the lawyer briefly listening to the facts of your case and quoting you a price for his or her fee. Once that’s finished, the free “consultation” ends.

You likely won’t get any substantive or real information from the lawyer on how to handle your case. Your free “consultation” is nothing more than a free “quote” or “estimate”.

At Kalish & Jaggar’s, we take a different approach. Our free Strategy Meetings consist of the following five (5) components listed below….

First: You Talk, We Listen.

To give you the best possible legal services it is extremely important that we have a firm understanding of your legal situation. This step is all about you sharing everything about your case from your perspective so we can understand everything going on and accurately assess your case.

Second: You learn about the law that may control or impact your case.

Scott has a passion for teaching others about the law. Scott will walk you through the law that may affect your case step by step in a way that’s easy to understand. With this newfound understanding, you might even discover additional important facts or perspectives that will help.

Third: You get answers to your questions.

As you understand the laws influencing your situation, you may also have questions about how they apply to your case. We’re here to answer those questions for you, ensuring you’re heard and understood.

Fourth: You get strategy.

Once we have a sufficient understanding of your situation, we’ll share our strategy with you. There may be multiple routes to resolving your case, depending on your situation. We can help you chart the best path forward. Even if you don’t decide to hire us, you’ll leave this stage with a clearer sense of direction of what to do next.

Fifth: You hear about fees.

Once we’ve plotted a course together, we’ll discuss the costs involved in bringing your strategy to life. We believe in transparency and fairness, and we’ll discuss the fee structure or any potential payment plans in a straightforward manner.

Kalish & Jaggars is dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

At The Law Offices of Kalish & Jaggar’s, we go beyond the norms, providing you with comprehensive insights, advice and strategy from the get-go.

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