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Florida Divorce Resources

If you need help understanding how the divorce process works in Florida, the following resources can help you understand what to do next based on your specific situation

They are easily accessible online and explained in a straightforward manner. Additionally, you can learn from a seasoned divorce attorney who can provide guidance on how best to proceed with your divorce.

How To Protect Yourself, Children, And Home During Divorce Without Spending Your Life Savings On Attorney's Fees

Discover how the divorce process works in South Florida and How to use the law (and my proven experience) to your advantage in this video presentation. Here I’ll explain…

  • How to Protect Yourself through the Divorce Process
  • Learn How to Protect Your Home
  • Find Out How to Protect Your Children
  • Plus Understand More About How the Divorce Process Works in Florida…

Normally, you’d have to spend thousands of dollars retaining a lawyer to get this same information that I’ve included in this short video presentation. You can start watching this video instantly through the button below.

If you live in Florida and are contemplating getting a Divorce, then this is your podcast. Join experienced Florida Divorce attorney Scott Kalish each week to get the answers to the most important questions that come up in Florida Divorce cases.

Learn and understand how to move forward with your divorce case through easy to understand episodes while you’re on the go.

From alimony to the division of assets and your house, to dividing the time with your children, child support and many other common divorce questions. Take a look at our past episodes to get answers about your divorce process.

As a Divorce attorney I’ve seen hundreds of people enter their divorce proceedings only to end up sabotaging themselves. They come into the case with the wrong mindset and make numerous mistakes…

These people typically spend more money on their case, are more stressed, and by the end are emotionally drained.

On the other hand I have some clients that begin their Divorce with the right mindset. These people spend way less money, are almost never stressed out by the process and at the end of the case are excited to start their new lives.

After studying my clients, personally observing the opposing spouse during my cases, speaking to other attorneys, and paying close attention to their mindset and behaviors, I uncovered the 10 secrets that make for a successful divorce in Florida.

I’m confident if you implement the following 10 secrets shared in this guide, you’ll dramatically increase the likelihood of having a successful divorce.

Check out our past written articles on the Florida Divorce process, family law questions and more through our blog.

Over the years, we’ve come up with articles answering our client’s most common questions about divorce in Florida.

Meet Your Florida Divorce Guide

Scott Kalish

Scott is an experienced trial lawyer and former state prosecutor based in South Florida.

In family law cases, as in any type of legal matter, knowledge is power. You must know and understand what is happening so that you can have peace of mind that you and your family's future will not suffer.

Over the years I've learned a lot about what makes a divorce case successful and have shared this knowledge with you through these various resources. I hope you find them helpful in guiding you through your divorce process and deciding what to do next...

What Other Client's Had To Say About Scott Helping to Guide Them Through Their Divorce Case...

Igor Vinícius Lucas Gomes
Igor Vinícius Lucas Gomes
I am absolutely speechless and still in the emotional hangover of completing my divorce case. I feel that I can´t find the right words to thank Scott and his team enough. I was stuck in the case for almost 2 years and in the middle of a divorce case completely focused on the financial aspects and nobody seemed to be in the shoes of a father in another country fairway from the children for 10 months. I made the though decision to change the lawyer during the final course of the divorce, when so many important decisions were about to be taken. I never expected to receive so much support and such empathy from a lawyer before. I was completely exhausted, faithless of so many unfair things and running out of hope. He literally jumped into the case and due his abilities, his attention to details and mainly due his interpersonal skills, he was able to finally complete the case after 2 months. His good negotiating skills and appropriate approach really made the difference and allowed us to reach the outcome I was expecting. I can´t think of a more worthy attorney to be recognized and appreciated by a client. I told him that I trusted him with my life and I am so glad now about it. Thank you very much indeed.
Wiji S
Wiji S
100% trust Scott and Dara! Highly recommend. They did more in one day than my last lawyer did in months! Very friendly and knowledgeable. They are responsive to questions and easy to get a hold of.
John Simpson
John Simpson
Dana and Scott went above and beyond to produce quick results in a not so easy case. It is safe to say that I am now free and clear from a situation that was causing me much distress.
Miranda Hoosac
Miranda Hoosac
Divorce is a very long and daunting process. I was going to try to file without a lawyer, but the amount of time and effort it takes to get everything together and fill everything out properly is mentally exhausting. As soon as I found Dara and Scott, the biggest weight was lifted off my shoulders! They're life savers. Professional, friendly, empathetic, and caring, yet ruthless when you need them to be! They got me exactly what I needed and got the job done quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended!
Stephanie Freitas
Stephanie Freitas
WOnderful and professional ! Scott Kalish was a joy to work with, he listened to me when I didnt have anyone to really hear me out. He was professional, attentive and super flexible with my hectic schedule thank you Kalish & Jaggars for such and easy experience during a hard time.
Richard Vernon
Richard Vernon
Dara Jaggars ESQ., represented me in a case recently. She went above and beyond not only helping my family and I, but doing everything in her power to make us feel at ease. I would recommend her her firm to anyone. Her professionalism dealing with my case is what sets her apart from every other laywer I have ever delt with in the past...
Omari Robinson
Omari Robinson
Dara is the BEST! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. My complicated marriage ended with a simple dissolution. Overall experience was amazing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Richard Osellame
Richard Osellame
I first met Scott few months ago while searching for a law support to get my divorce unstuck and complete the case. I was never again to meet a lawyer so clever and with the same high level of skills and abilities. Due to his patience and wide knowledge on the overall, he was capable to fast guide the process and complete the global settlement faster than anyone who worked in my case. In conclusion, I can highly recommend Scott and his team and I am extremely confident you will find him a very valuable person and more importantly and exceptional advocate. Conocí a Scott por primera vez hace unos meses mientras buscaba apoyo legal para resolver mi divorcio y completar el caso. Nunca más volvería a encontrarme con un abogado tan inteligente y con el mismo alto nivel de habilidades y destrezas. Debido a su paciencia y amplio conocimiento en general, fue capaz de guiar rápidamente el proceso y completar el acuerdo global más rápido que cualquiera que haya trabajado en mi caso. En conclusión, puedo recomendar encarecidamente a Scott y su equipo y estoy muy seguro de que encontrará en él una persona muy valiosa y, lo que es más importante, un defensor excepcional. Conheci Scott alguns meses atrás, enquanto procurava um apoio jurídico para desfazer meu divórcio e concluir o caso. Eu nunca mais encontraria um advogado tão inteligente e com o mesmo alto nível de habilidades. Devido à sua paciência e amplo conhecimento geral, ele foi capaz de orientar rapidamente o processo e concluir o acordo global mais rápido do que qualquer pessoa que trabalhou no meu caso. Em conclusão, posso recomendar Scott e sua equipe e estou extremamente confiante de que você o considerará uma pessoa muito valiosa, e o mais importante um defensor excepcional.
Alexis Engelhardt
Alexis Engelhardt
My experience with Kalish & Jaggars was nothing short of fantastic. Everyone is very knowledgeable and very responsive when needed. The team is eloquent, positive, professional, and overall an absolute pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend them enough. Thanks for the help!
Andrew Capellini
Andrew Capellini
Excellent Family Law Attorneys. I highly recommend.

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