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Business and Commercial Litigation 

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Breach of Contract

Have your contract rights been violated? Or do you need representation defending a breach of contract claim? No matter your position, our representation provides your business with a strategic plan to advance your interests.

Collecting Debt

Do you need to collect debt owed to your business? Or do you need help defending an action to collect a debt? Either way, our firm can provide you with the strategic plan forward that minimizes the expense and maximizes your returns.

Collecting Judgments

Do you have a judgement and just need to collect? Getting the judgment is only half the battle. Now you have to collect. There are a variety of methods to collect the money that is owed to you. You need to move forward strategically and efficiently to minimize expense and maximize the money in your pocket.

Recovering Equipment or Other Personal Property

Do you need to gain possession of collateral? After default, Florida law gives secured creditors significant latitude to regain possession of collateral. Take advantage of your rights under Florida law and retake control.

Violations of Florida’s Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act or Fraud

Has your business been the victim of unfair or deceptive trade practices? If so, you may be able to collect damages and have your attorney’s fees paid too. Take action now and recover money lost due to unfair and deceptive practices.

Worthless Check

Did someone pay your company with a check that was returned for insufficient funds? Not only may this be a crime in Florida, but you may be able to collect the original amount owed plus three times the amount and your attorneys fees, and costs to file the suit.

No Contract?

If your business has been harmed as a result of a breach of an oral agreement, you still may be able to obtain relief even if there was never a written agreement. In certain situations, Florida law provides protection to those businesses and individuals who have been damaged even without a contract.

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